Space Ethics and the Overview Effect

Join us for a live, online Question and Answer session, which will be held with Professor Chris Impey on the theme of "Space Ethics and the Overview Effect."
Impey has written extensively on the future of space travel, space ethics, and the problem of space debris. In mid-September, he gave an invited talk at a Science Summit at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations on these topics.

The live session will address obligations arising from the awareness that results from the Overview Effect. Concerns about space exploration include the lack of legal or regulatory limits on the activity of commercial space companies, the "tragedy of the commons" created by the growing amount of space debris, and the danger that future space exploitation could repeat the "sins" of colonialism in outer space.

The language of the event is English, the audience is international, and no reservation is required to participate.

WHEN: 10AM on October 4th

Click below to watch the video in real-time or click [THIS LINK] to watch directly on YouTube.