About Us

Active Galactic Videos is a student-run education team at the University of Arizona under the supervision of Chris Impey. The team explores astronomy topics through videos and articles that we publish on our YouTube channel, website, and social media. Our content includes interviews with astronomers, tours of local telescopes, and answers to questions you have about all things astronomy related.

Program Directors

Prof. Chris Impey

Associate Dean, College of Science

    Dr. Matthew Wenger

    Education Manager

      Alexander Danehy

      Software Engineer

        Current Undergraduate Team

        Jenny Calahan

        Senior in Astronomy and Physics

          Aidan Gibbs

          Senior in Astronomy and Physics

            Charlotte Kevis

            Sophmore in Astronomy

              Emmalee Mauldin

              Junior in Journalism and Environmental Studies

                Alexander Olmedo

                Senior in Film, minor in Art History

                  Melissa Thomas

                  Senior in Astronomy, Physics, and Geology, minor in Mathematics and Planetary Science


                    Christopher Bullivant '17
                    Ryleigh Fitzpatrick '17
                    Galen McCaw '17
                    Joshua Ritter '17
                    Stephanie Williams '17
                    Carmen Lucinda, '16
                    Resi Baucco, '16
                    Taylor Keeter
                    Ross Eckley, '16
                    Haydon Ekstrom, '16