About Us

Active Galactic Videos is a student-run education team at the University of Arizona under the supervision of Chris Impey. The team explores astronomy topics through videos and articles that we publish on our YouTube channel, website, and social media. Our content includes interviews with astronomers, tours of local telescopes, and answers to questions you have about all things astronomy related.


Program Directors

Prof. Chris Impey, Associate Dean, College of Science

Dr. Matthew Wenger, Education Manager

Alexander Danehy, Software Engineer


Our Team


Tasnim Boufelfel is a videographer and editor at AGV. She is a senior finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television. Her goal is to one day work in production on feature films.

Grant Bowman is a graduating senior in Creative Writing and is a writer and animator for AGV. He hopes to write science fiction novels after graduating that use actual astronomy with as few gimmicks and deus ex machinas as possible.

Aaron Cargile is a senior film student specializing in documentary production. Since joining AGV in Fall 2018, he has been busy helping the team produce fun, engaging videos. Outside AGV, Aaron is currently working on a feature length documentary project, and hopes to one day fulfill his dream of becoming an Olympic ice dancer.

Melody Hardegree-Ullman is a sophomore majoring in fine arts, and hopefully with a film and television minor. She joined AGV in the summer of 2017 and is currently managing AGV’s social media accounts and uses her art skills to help create videos. After graduating, she hopes to own her own art studio and travel abroad.

Michael Hardegree-Ullman is a sophomore majoring in Astronomy and Physics with a minor in math. He joined the team his freshman year at the U of A to work on astronomy content for both the AGV YouTube channel and online coursework. When not at AGV Michael is involved with the Astronomy and Physics Clubs on campus and plans on continuing towards a career in Astronomy.

Charlotte Kevis is a junior astronomy major. Charlotte has jumped right into editing videos and planning future videos.

Sammie Mackie is a junior majoring in astronomy who wishes to share a love for space and purple with the world. Currently, Sammie works behind the scenes with Astronomy: State of the Art’s online coursework, but who knows what the future will hold. When not involved with Active Galactic Videos, Astronomy Club, and classwork, Sammie enjoys reading webcomics and drawing pretty pictures.

Hannah Marker is a senior studying astronomy and planetary science. She is working on releasing a podcast, The Star Field, in partnership with our team. Hannah wants to be an astronaut and is planning on going to medical school after a gap year.

Emmalee Mauldin is a senior journalism and environmental studies student. She’s back with AGV after completing four NASA internships, at both Johnson Space Center and Goddard Space Flight Center. Emmalee works on AGV’s social media, website and producing videos. After graduation, she hopes to work in science communications and journalism.

Melissa Thomas is a senior in astronomy, geology and physics with a minor in planetary science and math. She hopes to continue her education in Planetary Science and achieve a Ph.D. to conduct her own research on other bodies in our solar system.

Nolan Veneklasen is a senior in the Film and Television Major. His background is rooted in music, directing and sound recording. Designing and recording production sound for documentaries, student films and commercial works, Nolan also has experience in photography, editing and script writing. He hopes to pursue a career in the larger audio-video world, creating indie Hip-Hop music videos, cultural documentaries and short films.



Jessica Blackburn ’18, Jenny Calahan ’18, Aidan Gibbs ’18, Carolyn McKee ’18, Alejandro Olmedo, Victoria Pereira ’18, Christopher Bullivant ’17, Ryleigh Fitzpatrick ’17, Galen McCaw ’17, Joshua Ritter ’17, Stephanie Williams ’17, Carmen Lucinda ’16, Resi Baucco ’16, Taylor Keeter, Ross Eckley ’16, Haydon Ekstrom ’16